2. Montgomery, AL to Destin, FL; July 21 – 23, 2010

Two weeks into our JAG training, my class had a trip to a base in Florida to see how a big base legal office operated. The students took a bus together. Kris caught a ride with a couple of spouses for the three-hour drive.

We pulled in to Eglin Billeting in the early afternoon and got our rooms.  Kris and I decided to see the beach and eat a dinner out.

Kris and I enjoying the water.

We joined a JAG classmate and his wife for dinner at McGuire’s Irish Pub.  The food was tasty, there were several hundred thousand one-dollar bills on the ceiling, and I got sick on the way home.

The next two days, I went to work, listened to some speeches about military justice, and came back to the room to Kris.

We went back on Friday, July 23.  Me on the bus, just starting to feel better, and Kris with another spouse.

It was sometime during this trip, something about the warm ocean water or continually upset stomach; that I began to view the entire nine-week JAG course as an extended honeymoon.  As they say in the brochures, Montgomery is Magical.

Days on the road this trip: 3



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