3. Montgomery, AL to Juliette, GA; August 14-15 2010

Six weeks into marriage, Kris and I still loved each other as if we were newlyweds. We checked movies out of the base library, played two-handed Rook, did puzzles, and ate ice cream with cherries and peanut butter each evening.

This is the kitchen in our billeting room.  We watched Band of Brothers and played 82 games of Rook.

We were so confident in our relationship that Kris thought I should meet some Deer River, MN people that she knew when she was young.

We drove out to Juliette, GA to meet the family, married couple with four kids.  They offered me ‘drinky drink’ which I think was a mix of Sprite and pink lemonade.  We played board games, went out to a combination fort/deer hunting stand, and played on the rope swing.

Me, in the air looking forward to a refreshing, urine-free swim in the pond.

It was my first time in a pond.  My feet sunk through about two inches of stringy algae in the ground. I had been warned not to pee in the water as some type of bacteria could enter my urethra.  I climbed out of the pond and got back in line to go on the rope again. I love petri dishes.

We had a grand time in Joliette, meeting Kristi’s friends.  We drove back Sunday morning; and prepared for our trip to Washington DC.

Days on the road this trip: 2



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