5. Montgomery, AL to Stone Mountain, GA; September 5-6 2010

With the JAG school graduation and our impending move to Kansas approaching, Kris and I  could feel the end of our honeymoon near.  We decided to get away for a local overnight on Labor Day weekend.

As we were in the south, we chose to visit a confederate memorial.  We went up to Georgia to visit Stone Mountain, a homage to three confederate figures and their horses; a one+ acre stone carving 50 years in the making.

View from the bottom of Stone Mountain…
… and view from the top.

We checked in to the Stone Mountain Inn and hiked to the top of the monument on a beautiful late summer day.  We got some good pictures and ate dinner in the hotel.  In the evening, we sat on the lawn in front of the monument to watch a laser show. The show had an old 40s-50s Disney feel to it and I wondered who the intended audience was.  I felt kind of like I did when I was six and I first watched Dumbo get drunk. The colors were nice, but I didn’t understand what was happening and how it was related to the memorial. At least there were fireworks.

We slept, awoke, and made our way back to Montgomery.  Four days hence we would move.  We were ready to make our first home together

Days on the road this trip: 2



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