8. Wichita, KS to Dallas, TX; November 24-28, 2010

October gave in to November.  I tried a case in court and felt like a real lawyer.  I held my breath at the first OB appointment.  I heard our baby’s heartbeat warble at 160 on the monitor.  Fast, but not too fast.

We had a new nephew down in Dallas.  We hopped on the 35 the afternoon before Thanksgiving for a long weekend.

We ate a wonderful dinner and played Settlers of Catan (I won at both eating and Catan).  Mostly though, over the course of the weekend, we held the baby; and talked about how our lives would change.

Practice for our May baby.

We went ice skating together at a big mall in Dallas with a giant Christmas tree.  A few months pregnant, Kris was still the superior skater, though I was more aggressive.  Like life.

We have ice skates on in this picture.  She’s supporting me.

We made the five hour trek back north to Wichita, where the air was reasonably chilled.  I had more cases to prep for and we had a 20 week sonogram on the horizon.  Life, moving at the speed of life.

Days on the road this trip: 5



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