10. Wichita, KS to Midwest City, OK; January 1 – 3, 2011

Back two days from a warm Los Angeles Christmas, we loaded our Los Angeles haul into our Wichita home.  I asked our neighbor to help me take the bookcase downstairs.  He told me about how he was medically retired for a bad back on our way back upstairs.

We headed two hours down I-35 to Oklahoma, where one of my best friends from law school, Pete, also known as Kristi’s brother and the person to introduce us, and also an Air Force JAG, was stationed.  We  drove down New Year’s Day for a quick family reunion.

All of Kristi’s siblings (two brothers and a sister) were there with their families.  We got to see the baby from Dallas, bigger and more alert.   All commented on Kristi’s glow and her belly.

That glow.

I got to see Pete’s kids.  Away from Minnesota and still cute.  I told them some of the same re-hashed stories from our Minnesota law school days, when I thrice weekly ate dinner at their house.

Kris’s other brother, Nate, really the black sheep of the family due to his choice to join the Marine Corps, flew in from Camp Pendleton to make fun of the Air Force.  He used his superior tactical skills to beat us at Risk.  He also impressed us with his use of smokeless tobacco which made a cool ring in his back pocket.

Nate, the Marine.

We played games, did a couple of puzzles, and told stories.  We hoped for monthly visits down to Oklahoma.  It was flat prairie land like Kansas.  But we had more wind.

Days on the road this trip: 3



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