11. Wichita, KS to Kansas City, MO; April 16, 2011

Less than one month from her due date, Kris and I wanted to take a break from high chair, crib, and baby bottle shopping.  We jumped in the truck for the three-hour drive to see the Royals play the Mariners.  We pulled into Kauffman well before the 12:10 start time.  We bought tickets and got a promotional jersey at the gate.

We ate peanuts and I talked about Field of Dreams and how I was sure I would make the major leagues until I was cut from my High School JV team.  Twice.

Wearing our new KC shirts.

The game started, Ichiro came to the plate, the sun moved across the sky, and the innings flew.  The Royals scored, the Mariners didn’t, and the Royals scored again. The game didn’t go three hours and we were on the road by 3:30, headed home.

Neither the game nor the drive induced labor, but it gave us something to talk about other than bottles.

Days on the road this trip: 1



One thought on “11. Wichita, KS to Kansas City, MO; April 16, 2011

  1. I remember the people sitting around us in these early family days. Eager to talk about the days when their kids were little or on the way, games they went to together, and how time flies and they grow up too quickly. They talked before we asked them to take our pictures and after. We don’t get as many of those comments, do we, now that our kids are bigger. Or is it just that that talking-to-stranger time is spent taking kids to the bathroom, one after the other?


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