12b. Whiting, NJ to Charlottesville, VA; July 17 – 28, 2011

We drove to Charlottesville for the second time in eight months.  This time, I was attending a two-week Contract Law course at the Army JAG School.  On the drive down, Zach cried a lot, smiled a lot, and began to laugh some.

We ate well over the two weeks there.  Some local flavor like Outback, Ruby Tuesday, and Kroger.  I went back to the hotel to each lunch to tickle Zach and eat hummus.


We drove to James Madison’s home, Montpelier on July 23rd.  We learned he was 5’4″ and the father of the Constitution. We walked the grounds on a sweltering day and decided presidential houses were better left to cool autumn visits.

The next day we went to James Monroe’s house, Ashland.  Though it was still hot, we got a picture of Z enjoying his time there; learning about the Monroe Doctrine, Monrovia, and his Revolutionary War Service.


Back at the hotel for the last week of the Contracts course, we ate pizza and more food from Kroger.  I learned about T4Cs (terminations for convenience) and that teaching the Christian Doctrine at an Army school does not violate the Establishment Clause (this is an exceedingly lame joke about a Government Procurement doctrine that imposes contract clauses).

Eleven days in Charlottesville and it was time to head back to Kansas.  We left on the 28th, eager for home, but willing to take a few days to enjoy the drive.



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