13. Wichita, KS to Abilene, KS; August 27, 2011

Awash in the glory of seeing three presidential museums in one Virginia week, we (I) set a family goal to see them all.  Kris found a presidential fact sheet on the back of a cereal box, cut it out, and put it on Z’s changing table.  Z began to share our passion.

Z at four months old, presidential fact sheet and bunny counting chart are in the background.

I searched for the closest presidential museums, learned that Zachary Taylor did not have a museum or historic home, and planned a trip north to Eisenhower’s home in Abilene, KS.

We drove up to Abilene on a Saturday morning and took in Ike’s humble beginnings.  His presidential library, the first one we visited run by the National Archives, explained a Kansas childhood, a world-renowned general, and the national highway system.  We spent a couple hours at the museum as Z slept.  We also walked the grounds on the warm, bright Kansas day.

Z, enthralled again.

We lunched in Abilene at Joe Snuffy’s, a red and white checkered diner; the only one we could find that was open.  Z woke up and I gave him the inside of some french fries when Kris went to the bathroom.


And we headed back to Wichita.

Days on the road this trip: 1



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