14. Wichita, KS to Independence, MO; September 2-3, 2011

Labor Day brought an Air Force family day with it, so we had a four-day weekend to spend together.  We played Settlers of Catan, tended the garden, and packed for an overnight trip.

We drove out to Independence, Missouri, the resting place of Harry Truman and home to his presidential library and museum.  Zach was just over four months old and at his fifth presidential home/library.


We spent a few hours there, learning about Truman’s relationship with FDR and that he was the last president to not have graduated college.

We checked into the Holiday Inn Express near Kauffman stadium.  I made three trips up and down the stairs for our overnight trip; pack-n-play, diaper bag, and extra baby blanket.

We dressed Zach in his Royals uniform and hit the game.  We stayed for most of it.  Zach looked on laconically, but I think he enjoyed himself.  The Royals won.


We headed home with two days left to the four-day weekend.  We played Settlers of Catan and tended the garden. As a family.


Days on the road this trip: 2



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