15. Wichita, KS to Northridge, CA; October 26 – November 3, 2011

October 2011 was chock full of events:  My promotion selection party (to major!), our first evening away from Zach to go to the Air Force Ball, and a trip to my hometown to let my family meet our baby.

We left on October 26 and drove through to New Mexico where Zach got to see his first snowfall.  We spent the night and drove all the next day to Northridge.  Zach met and spent time with his nearly 97-year-old great grandma and 7-month-old cousin.  We went to the park and his cousin’s school.


We drove down to the San Diego area on October 30.  We met Zach’s uncle Nate there who was stationed at Camp Pendleton and recently back from Afghanistan.

He drove a cool car.

There’s the car in the background.

We went up to Yorba Linda to check out the Nixon Museum and Library.  We saw the little house he grew up in and stood on Marine One.

We made it back to Northridge in time for Halloween.  Zach was a liger for his first Halloween (see the tiger outfit underneath?).  I ate his candy.

Zach with his cousins.

Zach got lots of time with his Aunts and Uncles; a trip to the Reagan library in Simi Valley so he could get on Air Force One, some goodbyes and we’ll miss yous, and we left.


Back to Wichita.  We missed the wind.

Days on the road this trip: 9



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