17. Wichita, KS to Grand Rapids, MN; April 8 – 12, 2012

We learned another baby was on the way in late December.  We celebrated at Logan’s steakhouse.

We went home and started planning in earnest for our Alaska move.   All the baby clothes and toys were coming with us.  All the books we had not cracked since college, too.  We decided that we needed more stuff, so we headed up to Grand Rapids, MN to get some of Kristi’s childhood things and introduce Z to both of Kristi’s friends (one was her brother, Uncle N).

We stopped in the Twin Cities, had lunch with some of my law school friends at Punch Pizza, looked at the Nickelodeon amusement park at Mall of America, and headed further north.

In Mall of America

We stayed with a family Kris knew from church growing up.  They had balloons out and made me a chocolate cake for my 36 1/2 birthday.  They were a fine family.


We saw Uncle Nate at the farm.  Our first return there since we were married almost two years previous.  Zach got to test out the tire swing and play on the slide.  We packed boxes of Kristi’s memories and went south.


Our first stop on the way home was the baseball field from Field of Dreams.  We drove a couple hours out of our way to see a nondescript field on a cold and windy day.  It was worth it.

Surprising that we were the only visitors to see a random baseball field in Iowa on a freezing April day.

We also went to our very first National Park Service site, the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.  We learned about our orphaned president and decided we should visit as many National Park sites as possible.


We returned home, unpacked.  And got ready to pack.  For Alaska.

Days on the road this trip: 5




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