19 – 26. Compendium of Wichita, KS to Midwest City, OK Trips

Just before leaving, we took one last trip down I-35 to see our cousins again. From the first trip on January 1, 2011 to this last one on May 25, 2012, we drove down to Oklahoma nine times.  The highlights include:

January 28-30, 2011:  Pete and I talked about training for a half-marathon in April of 2012.  We ate some ice cream .

The thumbs up means the 1/2 marathon is a go.

March 5-6, 2011: We went down to spend some time with our newest nephew, Benji.  We also got Little Caesar’s.

Me, probably holding on to the baby a little too tightly.

June 14-15, 2011:  Our new babies played together.  We went swimming in their pool.  I did not throw my nephew, Theo, in; but we did see him play baseball.


The babies at the pool.

July 1-3, 2011:  We celebrated the 4th with the whole I-35 crew.  Kristi’s sister, Jane, came up with her family.  We barbecued and the three boy babies competed in a drooling contest.


November 23-26, 2011:  All of Kristi’s siblings made it for Thanksgiving.  We got to meet Nate’s fiancee, Priscilla.  She was cool because she was from California.  I crushed everybody in cribbage and lost in everything else.  We went to the planetarium and barbecued again.


December 22-26, 2011:  Kristi’s whole family made it, including her parents who flew in from Israel.  Tons of grandbabies, Christmas gifts, and joy.  We got a good family photo.


April 28-29, 2012:  We celebrated Zach’s 1st birthday, watched my niece and nephew play soccer.  Pete and I ran in the Oklahoma City half-marathon. My calf seized up. It has never been the same.  I blame Pete.  The ice cream back at their house was good.


May 25-28, 2012:  This was our final trip.  We lived close together in Minnesota.  And close enough with our Kansas/Oklahoma connection.  But now we were leaving for Alaska and didn’t know when we would see each other again.  This was a sadder parting.  It was made quite a bit easier with a trip to the world’s largest soda pop bottle.


We drank delicious soda and said goodbye.  Packed our truck up and set off for Alaska.

Days on the road these trips: 24



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