27b. Northridge, CA to Bellingham, WA; June 1 – 6, 2012

We drove to the ocean and headed north on the Pacific Coast Highway.  Zach slept and ate.  Kris and I enjoyed the drive and our time together.  We paid the fee and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

We made footprints in the sand.  Zach dipped his foot in the Pacific Ocean.


And we stopped at my favorite place in the world: The Redwood Forest.  We walked and kissed among the wet trees.  We took too many pictures.  Zach climbed in his backpack and touched a tree or two.  We checked into our hotel and found an ice cream shoppe in Arcata.


We drove through the Avenue of the Giants and made our way into Oregon.  We stopped and had lunch with my aunt and cousin in Portland; the first time I had seen them in 10 years.  We’d have liked to spend more time, but we had a boat to catch.

We drove up to Bellingham.  We checked into our hotel, excited for the ferry ride.  We awoke early and drove to the port.  We saw the MV Columbia.  We were hours early, the second truck in line.

We parked and went into the terminal to get our tickets.  Kris pulled all we’d need for the next four days from the truck.  We were ready.


And we waited.  Kris and Zach walked around for a while.  The truck in front of us was guided onto the ship.  Kris and Zach boarded on foot.  I pulled the truck in.  We were ready.


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