28a. Anchorage, AK to San Diego, CA; December 13 – 19, 2012

We set up our Alaska house.  We were on baby watch.  We went hiking and souvenir shopping.  On our third trip to the hospital, they checked us in.  Our daughter, Anna, was born in September with a good set of lungs.  Both sets of grandparents came out to welcome her.


We spent our first couple of months acclimating to the family of four life; two car seats, two kids in diapers, and two kids that wouldn’t sleep through the night.

Kristi’s brother was getting married in December.  We went out to the forest early and cut down a Christmas tree.  We decorated it, filled it with water, opened presents in early December, and headed to the airport.


Zach loved the airport. Both babies slept.  We made it in to LAX, spent the night with my parents in Northridge, and drove south.  We rented a house with all of Kristi’s immediate family.

We went to the wedding (Hooray for the new California aunt/sister-in-law, Priscilla).  We tortured the kids for cute pictures.  We went to the beach.


All of Kristi’s family, save for the newlyweds, came to my childhood home for carne asada and oranges and baseball.


We went back to San Diego for a final night.  As her siblings went back to their homes in Oklahoma and Texas, we drove north for the second half of our trip; Christmas in Northridge.



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