29. Anchorage, AK to Seward, AK; May 24-25, 2013

After returning from California, we stayed home for most of the Alaska winter.  We played in the snow, sledding down our backyard hill.  Zach and I started building a new dining room table.  Kris turned 30.


Months passed and the snow piled up.  We saw the ceremonial start of the Iditarod, Zach turned 2, and we decided to take another trip.


We drove down and checked into the Seward military resort.  We ate some peanut butter and jelly.  We walked along Resurrection Bay and enjoyed the beautiful views.


The next morning, we drove up to Kenai Fjords National Park to hike to Exit Glacier.  Though warm, the trail to the Glacier was covered in snow.  We tried to take the stroller, to no avail.  We strapped the baby in the front pack and ended up hiking on the road that led to the parking lot.  Also beautiful.


We drove back along Seward Highway and made it home to enjoy the rest of Memorial Day weekend, our travel itch satiated.  For now.


Days on the road this trip: 2




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