30. Anchorage, AK to Talkeetna, AK; August 30 – September 1, 2013

During that first full Alaskan summer, we celebrated my promotion to major, hiked Thunderbird Falls, saw a few Anchorage Glacier Pilots baseball games where we always went home with at least one foul ball, and went to the Eagle River Nature Center to look at the salmon run.


Waiting for a foul ball
Waiting for the salmon

Based on a recommendation from Kristi’s brother, Pete, we checked Northern Exposure out of the library and planned a trip to Talkeetna, AK to watch the first episodes where it purportedly took place.  We found a cabin about eight miles from Talkeetna on a lake.

We strayed through town; ate a picnic lunch at a park, and then walked to the lake shore.


We hiked the woods near our cabin and spent time on a nearby dock.  After the kids were asleep, we put the first Northern Exposure disk in.  A great show, we watched three episodes the first night and another two the following night.  We left Talkeetna early on September 1st, refreshed by nature and ready to watch the rest of Northern Exposure.


Days on the road this trip: 3



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