32. Anchorage, AK to Seward, AK; May 10-11, 2014

We passed the rest of the Alaskan winter at home.  Moose came to our backyard.


We continued to work on the dining room table.


A photographer took some great family photos.


In April, when Kristi’s parents were in town, we decided on two day trips.  The first was a trip back down to Seward.

The sun was crisp.  We returned to the Sealife Center.  Zach still loved the starfish tank.  He leaned way over and sipped the water.

Just after this pic, Zach took a swig.

We took a picture in front of the sea lions.


And another outside.


This first trip was just enough to whet our appetites for the next one, three days hence… a train ride!

We woke up early and drove down to the Anchorage train station to board our train.  The kids explored the mostly empty train and we took off.


We rode through Talkeetna and up into the wilderness.  The whistle-stop train stopped whenever someone was standing by the tracks.

We spent much of our time in the dining car, eating a picnic lunch and enjoying the view.


The train slowed so we could get pictures of Denali.


We turned around on the Hurricane Gulch bridge and headed back for Anchorage.  We napped on the way back.  We pulled back into Anchorage, tired, but still excited about our train ride.


We then received orders.  After two short years in Alaska, we were moving to Kokomo, Indiana.  We finished up the things we wanted to do in Alaska and began to look forward to our cross-country trip to the heartland.

We finished our dining room table.


We went fishing.  Anna fell in the frigid lake.

This is just before she leaned a little too far over and toppled in.

We saw more moose and bear.  And we took a final trip down to Seward.  For Mother’s Day, we went out on the water for a Kenai Fjords whale watching tour.  Kris took some wonderful pictures of whales and sea lions.


The kids and I mostly hung out on the boat.


We stayed at the military resort again.  We took a final few minutes at Portage Glacier.


But we had packing to do.  We made it back to Anchorage.  And we started getting ready.

Days on the road this trip: 2



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