37c. Bellingham, WA to Grand Teton NP, WY; July 18 – 22, 2014

We drove off the ferry and to La Grande, Oregon where Kristi’s Uncle Bruce lived.  We stayed at his beautiful log cabin.  He took us in his convertible to visit the nearby lake.  We had a grand barbecue that evening.


We slept well and Uncle Bruce made us an extravagant breakfast in the morning.

We then drove on to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  We skipped rocks and ate a picnic lunch.  We hiked long trails.


We stayed in a cabin in the national park.  We walked to the swimming pool and ate hot dogs.  At sunset, I got the kids ready for bed and Kris went out with the camera to capture the scenery.


We awoke early to go for a long walk through the fields.  We captured more pics of the kids and enjoyed each other’s time.


We ate breakfast and loaded the kids into the truck.  We headed north to see Old Faithful.




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