37d. Grand Teton NP, WY to Ellsworth AFB, SD; July 22 – 25, 2014

We left Grand Teton and drove up to Yellowstone.  We arrived just after and Old Faithful eruption and had plenty of viewing area to choose from.  The kids wanted to run around so we walked along the path around geysers and bubblers.


After a bathroom break and a few more minutes of hiking, we went back to wait for Old Faithful.  We did not wait long.


We then headed east, taking our time as we drove through the park.


We exited the east entrance and spent the night in Cody, Wyoming.  In the morning, we continued our march across the country and made it into South Dakota where we stopped at Jewel Cave National Monument.

Though we didn’t descend on a guided tour, we hiked the surface and walked through the displays at the visitor center.

Kris told Zach to stand next to the ‘t’.  Anna decided to stand next to the other ‘t’.

We left after about an hour, ready to hit the day’s real destination, Mt. Rushmore.


There, we walked through the museum, hiked the trail, and ate a peanut butter and jelly lunch.  We spent about three hours in all learning about the presidents and how their faces made it up on the mountain.


Exhausted from the long drive and the heat, we drove onto Ellsworth AFB where we spent the night.




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