37e. Ellsworth AFB, SD to Kokomo, IN; July 25 – 28, 2014

We left Ellsworth in the morning and drove to Badlands National Park, mostly because we liked the name.  We went on a couple good hikes and got some good pictures of the kids.


We hit the road after lunch and drove into Minneapolis, our old stomping grounds.  We hung out with some of my friends and then with some of Kristi’s friends.  We spent a couple of nights in the cities.  We ate Punch Pizza three times.

Our new home was calling and we drove on.  We stopped in Milwaukee and caught a Brewers game at Miller Park.  The kids ate lots of junk food, but got two bobblehead dolls for their troubles.


The afternoon of July 28th, more than 25 days since we moved out of our Alaska house, we pulled into Kokomo, IN.  We still had 10 more days in a hotel until we found a house in Kokomo making it more than a month of hotel swimming pools and complimentary carbohydrate breakfasts.  It was quite the trip.  We were ready to start our Indiana adventures.


Total days on the road this trip:  28




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