40. Kokomo, IN to Pittsburgh, PA; October 9 – 11, 2014

We decided to go to Pittsburgh for the first Cardillo wedding.  We drove from Indiana through the north of Ohio until we reached Fremont, Ohio and Spiegel Grove.  All the great old presidents had grand estate names.  Rutherford Hayes had an estate name, too:  Spiegel Grove.

It was a beautiful old house with no indoor photography.  Zach and Anna liked running in the driveway.


We toured the museum dedicated to our 19th president.  The docent asked us to imagine someone who was both a lawyer and a military officer.  The kids wanted to know where he went to the bathroom.

And then we ate lunch on his lawn.


We spent the night just outside Fremont and drove to Pittsburgh the next day for Kristi’s cousin’s wedding.

We had a great time celebrating.  The family was out in full-force.  We caught up with folks we hadn’t seen since before we left for Alaska.

We got a good family photo and chalked the trip up as a success.


We headed back the next day.  And got ready to celebrate my 39th birthday!

Days on the road this trip: 3



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