44. Kokomo, IN to Chicago, IL; February 2 – 6, 2015

Toward the end of January, we continued exploring Indiana.  We took a quick trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We toured the museum and then road the bus around the track.


As we exited the bus, Zach asked the driver if we had won.


Kris and the kids joined me on the next Chicago work trip.  We left after a major snowstorm hit the area.  The roads were clear and the drive was beautiful.


While I trudged through the snow to various law schools, Kris and the kids stayed in the hotel room.


Anna was potty training in earnest, earning quality toys for performing, like a toothbrush for her doll.


We ventured out for some Chicago pizza, enjoying pizzeria uno for the first time.  And we got snowed on some more.

Four nights in a hotel and it was time to get home.  Time to play in the snow.


Total days on the road this trip:  5



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