47a. Kokomo, IN to Charlottesville, VA; March 29 – April 2, 2015

At the end of March, for the third time in about five years, I got to attend a course at the Army JAG School in Charlottesville, VA.

We stopped at the Creation Museum on our way down.  They had an interesting view as to what constitutes evidence.  The kids loved the dinosaurs.


We drove on from Kentucky and spent the night in Huntington, West Virginia.

Mar 30:  We drove to Lewisburg and the Lost World Caverns.  We took the tour down into the caverns and were appropriately impressed.

1908156_10153231195935742_4668864911581881015_n 11130116_10153231195890742_7000041970856055422_n

We then drove into Charlottesville, staying, again, at the Residence Inn.

While I was in class, the kids spent time on campus running around.


Or coloring in the hotel room:


We ate out most nights.  After a few days of class, we were ready to to head home.



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