54. Kokomo, IN to Grand Rapids, MN; December 12 – 27, 2015

November brought us a brand new baby, Eleanor!  She was small and gorgeous.



We had our Christmas tree up and added a snowman ornament with her name on it.  Both sets of parents came to visit in November to help us with the new baby.

Once we were re-acclimated to not sleeping, we went on a road trip to Kristi’s childhood home for Christmas.  We left on the 12th and drove straight to the Wisconsin Dells which was about half way between our home and theirs.

We stayed at Atlantis.  They had a couple of indoor pools with slides for young kids. It took some cajoling, but Zach and Anna finally got in the water.  We enjoyed the slides.

In the morning, we drove on to Grand Rapids.  We pulled in and ate sweets and spent time with family.  The Peter Andersons were already there.



Not feeling well, I took some medicine and rested.  For the next ten days, I was sick with fever spikes and fatigue.  I blame the petri dish that is Atlantis.

The kids played in the snow and prepared for Christmas.  The Nate Andersons and the Dodges came.


I was still sick.

We took family photos.


I was still sick.

After days of cycling between Nyquil and Advil, I went to the hospital.  They put me on antibiotics.

The kids put on a Christmas play.  We got fresh snow.  We exchanged gifts.  And it was time to head home.

We said goodbye.  I spent almost the entire trip either napping or holed up under blankets on a recliner.

I had just begun to feel better on the way home.  We stopped at the Dells again.  This time, we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Total days on the road this trip:  16





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