55. Kokomo, IN to Chicago, IL; January 31 – February 5, 2016

We only had two visits left to Chicago before we moved to Montreal, so we wanted to hit some of the bigger museums we had missed in our previous few trips.  I took leave in conjunction with my work trip.

We made it to the Field Museum.


Zach loved pushing the buttons to get the displays to light up.  Anna loved the double stroller we rented.  I loved the dinosaur exhibits.  Kristi and Ella loved nursing near the entrance to the Hall of Evolution.

We then made our way to Willis Tower (Sears Tower).  We took the elevators to the top.  I was not a fan of going out on the plexiglass ledge.


Zach, on the other hand, loved jumping up and down on it.

We ate at Pizzeria Uno again.  It was our Chicago joint.

I worked for much of the week, visiting different law schools for the final time.

Before we left, we had a chance to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.  Ella was enthralled.


As were Zach and Anna.


The kids, used to the hotel, loved their pullout bed.


And just like that, Chicago had come to grow on us.

Total days on this road trip:  6






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