56. Kokomo, IN to Chicago, IL; February 21 – 24, 2016

As we were getting ready to leave Kokomo for Montreal, we decided to hit the big Kokomo tourist areas:

We went to the Opalescent Glass Factory, the Elwood Haynes museum,


and the Sieberling Mansion.


Of the three, the glass factory was both the coolest one and the one we didn’t get any pictures of.

I also got to take Anna to the father-daughter princess ball.  We went all out.


Toward the end of the month, we took our last trip to Chicago.

Chicago, being old hat, didn’t warrant any pictures.  A snowstorm was coming on the 24th, so we left Chicago a little early to get into Valparaiso.  We got there as the snow came down.  We hunkered down with our left over Pizzeria Uno (of course, it was our last trip to Chicago) and watched the snow fall.

My recruiting trip to Valparaiso Law School was canceled the next day.  The road in front of the hotel didn’t get cleared until the early afternoon.  The kids and I played a little in the snow.  Ella practiced her tummy time.


The snow was plowed.  And we went back home.

Total days on the road this trip:  4



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