58. Kokomo, IN to Indianapolis, IN; March 25 – 26, 2016

We drove down to Indy on a Friday after work.  We went to Costco, picked up a pizza, and checked into the Embassy Suites next door.

Zach, Anna, and I went swimming at six in the morning.  We were the only ones in the pool.  After about an hour, we picked up mom and Ella and ate breakfast.  We made it to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis at opening.

This was our last trip to the museum.  We had been members for a year and had visited about once a month.

The kids tried the chocolate slide.


We built some robot-like figures.


And dressed up like pirates.


On balance, it was a great last trip to our favorite Indiana museum; a nice short getaway from Kokomo.

Total days on the road this trip:  2


One thought on “58. Kokomo, IN to Indianapolis, IN; March 25 – 26, 2016

  1. I like how in these last two blogs the kids do things…”Zach tried the log ride” “Anna tried, too!” “The kids went on the chocolate slide.” But there’s someone else in all of those pictures, too. Good thing they have you.


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