59b. Montreal, QC to Kokomo, IN, May 2 – 9, 2016

We spent the next six days getting to know Montreal.  We visited three elementary schools and four houses.  We especially liked a French immersion Kindergarten, Willingdon, for Zach.  We also liked a house that was two blocks away from the school.

In the evenings, we roamed around Montreal.  The Notre-Dame Basilica was right around the corner from our hotel.  We went there three or four times.


The kids worked on their schoolwork (whatever Kris assigned them).


We went back to the house we liked a second time.  We decided to sign a lease.  We were going to be NDG residents.

We left just before Mother’s Day weekend for the long trek home.

We stopped in Seneca Falls to visit the Women’s Rights National Historic Site.  The kids did the Junior Ranger program and learned about women’s suffrage.  They also rolled down the grassy hills.


We visited the locks to learn how the level of the river was raised and lowered.  We stayed in Rochester that night.

For Mother’s Day, we took a train ride through Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


We went from there to Canton, Ohio to visit the William McKinley presidential museum and monument.  Ella was enthralled.


We then made the drive home.  Excited to be back in Kokomo and excited to have a house in Montreal; we were ready for our final three Indiana months.

Total days on the road this trip:  10





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