63a. Kokomo, IN to Wadsworth, OH, August 2 – 4, 2016

After months of prep and living in a Kokomo hotel for five days, we set out on our Montreal adventure.  We drove two vehicles for the first part of the trip.

Aug 2:  Our first two stops were the Wright Cycle Company Complex and the Huffman Interpretive Center.  Both are National Park sites to learn about the Wright Brothers and their first flight.

The kids saw the types of bicycles the Wright brothers made and how flight propellers worked.



We spent the night at the Residence Inn Beavercreek.

Aug 3:  Before leaving Dayton, we went back to the Air Force Museum.  We checked out the missiles and, this time with two girls, looked at the women pilots’ display.



We left Dayton and drove on to Marion, OH to visit the last of the six presidential museums in Ohio.  We entered the Harding House.  We learned about the Teapot Dome Scandal and a lackluster presidency.


We drove another hour and a half into Wadsworth, OH.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express.  We swam and went to bed; happy to have the trip started.  And dreaming of cinnamon rolls.



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