63b. Wadsworth, OH to Alexandria, VA, August 4 – 6, 2016

Aug 4:  I had read the McCullough Johnstown Flood book some time ago and made it a point to stop at the memorial when we were driving through Pennsylvania.  The kids loved the digital display and watched the lights as the water roared down.  They completed another junior ranger program and said their oath.




We had a picnic and loaded the family into the van.  We drove 30 minutes up the road to the Allegheny Railroad National Historic Site.

Here, too, the kids worked on the junior ranger program as they learned how rail cars made it over a mountain.

We drove into Bedford, PA to spend the night.

Aug 5:  The kids were excited the next morning as they would get to see their cousins in DC.  We stopped for a couple of hours to tour the Antietam National Battlefield.

We walked along the battle lines following the story of one soldier through his letters home.  The kids looked at cannons (Z pronounced them ‘canyons’) and we had another picnic.


We got in the van and took the driving tour of the battlefield, stopping at the monuments along the way.

We then drove down to Alexandria for five days of DC fun with Uncle Pete, Aunt Char, and the cousins.


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