63d. Alexandria, VA to Scranton, PA, August 11 – 13, 2016

Aug 11:  We said goodbye to the Andersons and left DC in the early morning.  We drove up to Gettysburg to tour the National Battlefield.


Before we toured Gettysburg, we took the bus up to the Eisenhower National Historic Site to see his post-presidential home.  We had a peanut butter and jelly picnic on his lawn.

We went back to Gettysburg and went through the museum.  The kids completed the junior ranger program.

We spent the night in Harrisburg Sheraton.

Aug 12:  We drove right by the roller coasters to the Hershey Factory in the morning.  We saw how the candy was made, taking the ride twice.  We ate too many Hershey bars.  Zach bought a Lego Reese’s truck, Anna got a Jolly Rancher bear (called ‘Chocolate Factory’), and Ella got a little Reese’s shirt.


We ate lunch there and then headed up to Steamtown National Historic Site.

This was the best historic site we had seen to date.  Trains, trains, and trains.  We got to see a working turntable and roundhouse.  The kids loved the steam trains.  We ran around there for hours.



Exhausted, we checked into the Scranton Hilton, ready for sleep.  The kids went to bed with their newest toys.



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