63e. Scranton, PA to Boston, MA, August 13 – 14, 2016

Aug 13: We drove into New York and to Lowe’s early this Saturday morning.  We had completed four of the six Avengers Lowe’s Build and Grow and didn’t want to miss the next installment.

Kris walked around with the baby while Zach and Anna worked on Black Widow.


We finished the project, ate some lunch, and headed to Hyde Park.

We went to the Franklin Roosevelt Home National Historic Site.  We toured the home and kids completed the junior ranger program.  The kids even got a picture with the erstwhile president.


We drove up the road to see Val-Kill, the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site.  We spent a couple of hours touring the buildings and the kids asked questions of the docents.

Tired again, we drove into Poughkeepsie for swimming and rest.

Aug. 14:  On Sunday, we drove into Boston.  We first went to the Adams National Historic Park.  We learned about John and Abigail and John Quincy; touring all three homes.  We got to see John and John Quincy’s birthplace.  The kids asked about the toaster, which you could flip over with your foot to toast on both sides.


Finished with the tour and another junior ranger program, we drove into Boston proper to swim and relax in our hotel.





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