63g. Bar Harbor, ME to Montreal, QC, August 17 – 19, 2016

Aug 17: We awoke early and headed back to Acadia.  We were the first ones at the beach.  The kids loved digging in the sand.  We played in the water, running back and forth as the waves came.



We stopped a couple more times in the park so we could hike and so the kids could finish their junior ranger books.  We checked out with the rangers and drove up to Lubec, Maine.

We had a cottage right on the water.

We drove over the border into New Brunswick in the morning to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.  We toured the houses and walked out on the pier.


We ate greasy food and sat on the porch.  Kris tried lobster for the first time.  We caught a nice sunset.



And we slept.

Aug 18:  We drove back into New Brunswick to see the Mulholland Point Lighthouse and then back to Maine and north to the St. Croix Island International Historic Site.

We looked at the statues, completed the junior ranger book, and got some great pictures on the beach.


We drove into Kingfield, Maine and checked into the Herbert Grand Hotel.  We ate at the restaurant across the street and then got Oreos and cereal at the grocery store.  We spent the evening on the giant porch; talking about our trip and eating Oreos.

Aug 19:  We woke up and drove to Montreal.  The border crossing took two hours.  We got our year long visa and made it to our new home.  Ready for our next adventure.


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