65b. Quebec City, QC; December 20, 2016

We awoke and went down for breakfast where we had a beautiful view of the sunrise over the Saint Lawrence River.

We dressed for the cold and walked out. We watched the barges break the ice on the river. Anna found a chunk of ice that was half her size.  She carried it around for about five minutes and then asked her mom to carry it.  We moved on, leaving the chunk of ice behind.

We found an ice rink, covered in about two inches of snow. We ran and slid on it.  Ella became cranky and Kris took her back to the room for an early nap.  Zach, Anna, and I looked up the hill at the toboggan run.

We walked in the coffee shop and bought tickets for each of us.  We found the fastest looking toboggan and walked up the hill.


We were the first ones to get to the top that morning. The toboggan raced down the hill.


We needed a break.  We got some hot chocolate.  Kris texted that Ella was still awake, so we asked her to come down.  We bought more toboggan tickets and, this time as a family of five, raced down again.

The adrenaline was enough to make E tired. Kris and E rested while the rest of us put on our swimsuits for a dip in the pool.  Zach and Anna played with the paddle boards and noodles in the kids’ pool for a bit.  We went back upstairs.

Everyone rested and, ready for another adventure, we put the winter gear back on and walked to the funicular to head down the hill.


We walked to the Museum of Civilization and learned some of Quebec’s (and man’s) history.  The kids enjoyed the section on domesticated dogs and cats.


We took the funicular back up to the hotel.  We played a game of Go Fish.  And slept.


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