68c. New York City, NY to Montreal, QC; April 18 – 19, 2017

We walked about a mile down Broadway to the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, the highlight of any visit to NYC.  The kids filled out the Junior Ranger books.


We picked up lunch at the Broadway Cafe, bought some New York City souvenirs and went back to the room for a late afternoon nap.

We left more than two hours early for the Yankee game.  We boarded the D Subway train, got off for the B train to Yankee Stadium, and we waited.  Seven more D trains, six C trains and one hour passed.  There was no way to track when the next B train was coming and the overhead voice said to expect delays.

The B train finally rolled in, and we got on for the five minute ride to Yankee Stadium.  We found our seats.  We got a bucket of chicken and fries, hot chocolate, and coffee.  We watched two innings and got some cotton candy.


We saw a White Sox home run, finished the cotton candy, and headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

We woke up at 5:50 to catch our early train.  We had breakfast in the hotel, took some cinnamon rolls to go, and walked to Penn Station.


There were only a few people on the train back to Montreal.  The kids watched movies throughout the dreary ride back.  We got off in Montreal, hit the metro, and walked back to our house in the cold rain.

Then, we slept.



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