69. Montreal, QC to Ottawa, ON; May 13 – 14, 2017

For Mother’s Day this year, Kris wanted to go to the Tulip Festival in Ottawa.  We booked the hotel, but as the trip drew near, it looked like it was going to rain the entire time.

We went anyway.

We left early on Saturday morning and drove straight to Commissioner’s Park.  We parked a few blocks away and were handed a map that included the Science Odyssey Funfest.

We walked along the 1 km tulip road.  We expected it to be a huge field of tulips, but it was more of a trail with tulip beds interspersed.


The kids ran around and played tag.  Kris took some pictures of tulips.  We bought cotton candy (pink, because we got blue at the Yankees game).

The drizzle continued and we decided to go to the Science Funfest.

We entered and the kids got a bag to put some promotional items in:  balloons, frisbees, pencils.  We walked along the stalls.  Anna touched a giant grub.  Zach looked in an electron microscope.  All three colored pictures about climate change (Anna and Zach drew rockets and Ella scribbled).


We left.  It was still raining.  We went to our hotel in Byward Market.  We walked a block to get some Chinese.

We went back to the hotel to swim.  Ella got a swimming diaper and donned her bathing suit.  She refused to get in the water.  The big kids swam a few laps on my back.


We slept.

We ate breakfast at Dunn’s Famous, good pancakes and omelettes.


We walked up to Major’s Hill Park for more tulips.  E was cranky, but the big kids loved running in the wet grass.

We walked down to Rideau Canal, it began to rain again, and we headed back to the hotel.

Lunch at Chipotle and then the kids picked some flowers out at Byward Market for Kris for Mother’s Day.

Back in the van, we headed home.  Another successful Mother’s Day trip.  I’m glad we went.


Days on the road this trip:  2


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