70. Montreal, QC to Saratoga, NY; May 20 – 22, 2017

In late May, we went downtown to view the giant marionettes, part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration.  The kids loved the giant dog and the girl walking down the street.


The next day, we packed and drove south.  We crossed the border and stopped in Plattsburgh for our first trip to Target in more than six months.  It was nice to get a whiff of that Target smell.

We then went to Queensbury for lunch at The Silo.  Kris and I had burgers (one of the first patty melts I think she’s ordered) and the kids had pancakes.  Anna longed to get a bag of rocks, but I told her we had a few stops and to be patient.

We then drove to Saratoga Battlefield National Historic Park.  It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  A high school was holding a prom photo-shoot on the grounds.  The kids did the Junior Ranger program in the museum and then we went to hike the battleground.


We went about 1/2 mile to where Benedict Arnold was shot in the leg.  The kids climbed on the canons and both the big kids found a tree to pee on.


We hiked back to our van and drove to the Hyatt Place in Malta.  We ordered Chinese, watched some Disney Jr., and slept.

On May 21st, we drove down to Kinderhook to visit the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site.  The tour guide met us in the parking lot and guessed (wrongly) that we didn’t drive down from Montreal to see the Van Buren site.

We toured the old mansion.  Each of the big kids asked questions of the guide about what looked like a bell tower.

They drew maps in their Junior Ranger guidebooks.  Ella got her first Junior Ranger badge.  We toured the grounds, finding a linden tree for which the house was named (Lindenwald).  We took some pictures.  Ella wanted no part.


We headed back to the hotel.  We swam for hours.

We went out for pizza and salads.  We got some Ben & Jerry’s to share in the room.

We went to bed early.

We awoke and started home.  We stopped at The Silo.  Anna got her rocks.  We stopped in Plattsburgh, Kristi got Chinese.  We stopped in Champlain, I got Dunkin.  We made it home.

Total days on the road this trip:  3


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