71c. Fairfax, VA to Whiting, NJ; July 1 – July 2, 2017

We left early on the first to head to Whiting, NJ and cousin Ben’s wedding.  We intended to get there with 2 1/2 hours to spare.  The traffic was horrific.  We stopped twice.  We went up to GG’s apartment, said, “Hi” to Nate, Priscilla, and fam; and rushed to get changed before the wedding.

But we made it.  The venue was outstanding and all parties were beautiful.

We drove to Manahawkin for the reception.  Ella was a bear.  She cried when others tried to talk to her or if Kris or I set her down.


Kris and I got to dance a little (holding Ella).  Anna and Zach got to dance a lot.

The couple ran through our glow stick send off.  Four families made plans to eat at IHOP the next morning.  We went up to bed.

We awoke early and went swimming.  Ella didn’t like the water, but I took her across nonetheless.


Back at the room by 7:45 and getting hungry, we learned that Nate was still sleeping.  IHOP plans changed to Dunkin Donuts and we drove back to GG’s.

They were tasty doughnuts and the conversation was sparkling.

We said goodbye to mom, dad, GG, Nate, Priscilla, and cousins and headed back to Pete and Char’s.  The kids trampolined, showered, and went to bed.  As we were saying goodnight, Anna, who was a stellar trampoliner and was probably kicked once or twice, looked to have a puffy eye.

We made plans to visit Manassas National Battlefield in the morning.  And we slept.


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