72a. Montreal, QC to Cavendish, PE; July 15 – 16, 2017

We started packing for our move to Colorado.  Kris put the stuff in boxes while I played with the kids.  The baby (we were liking the name Theodore/Teddy) was kicking like crazy.

We had postponed our trip to the Maritimes twice.  This was our last chance before we left Montreal.  I finished up a draft of my thesis and sent it to my supervisor.

We left the next morning.

Stopping every two hours to let Kris walk around, we made it to Edmundston, New Brunswick that first night.  The kids loved the kiddie pool.  They were hesitant about the slide, but decided to try it if I slid with them.


Ella didn’t want anything to do with the water.

We bathed the kids, ate the leftover hamburger from the previous night’s barbecue and went to bed early.  Thumbs up all around for our first day of vacation.


We drove to Prince Edward Island the next day and checked into our hotel.  We hit the beach.

I noticed what I thought were round oil slicks all over the beach.  I looked closer to find tons of beached jellyfish.


The kids dug in the sand.  Ella still didn’t want anything to do with the water.


We drove up and down Prince Edward Island National Park, stopping for pictures and time at the beach.  We saw a lobster, a crab, and lots of jellyfish in the water.  Zach and Anna threw dozens of rocks.  The sunset was gorgeous.

I lent Kris my phone and she got a picture of the sunset…


and about 12 selfies.


We went back to the hotel for PB&Js and sleep.



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