72b. Cavendish, PE to Truro, NS; July 17, 2017

Ella threw up in the middle of the night; a sick kid on only the second night of the trip.  She seemed better by morning and we went to the Green Gables Heritage Site just after it opened.


We toured the house and walked through the haunted woods trail.  The tee box for a golf course halfway through the trail slightly negates the haunting aspect.  Nonetheless, Zach and Anna looked for eyes on trees and made ghost sounds whenever a tree looked scary.


We left Green Gables.  Kris put Anne of Green Gables in the DVD player.  We headed back to the beach.  Kris took more pictures and the kids played some more in the sand.


We ate some lunch and drove down to Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia.  We tried to get there at low tide to see as much of the beach and cliffs as possible.

We got there about 2 and signed up for a tour.  We walked along the beach, listening to the tour guide tell us about fossilized trees and plants (before the time of the dinosaurs).

Zach, Anna, and Ella loved the groundwater stream that ran into the Bay of Funde and spent most of their time jumping over it or running their fingers in the water.


They also looked for fossils.


Exhausted from the long day, we drove into Truro.  Ella was running a fever.  We slept.


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