73. Montreal, QC to Reading, VT; July 26 – 27, 2017

The movers came and got our stuff from our Montreal house.  We had just over two weeks left in the city and still hadn’t hit three relatively close presidential museums.

We also wanted to see Joe, Rachel, and their kids one more time before we left the area.  So off we went.

We first went to the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site.  The site is expansive.  The state bought the whole old town where Coolidge was born (about 10 buildings).  Hungry from the drive, we went to the cafe first for some bagels and ice cream.

We walked around the general store looking at old-time candy and nick-nacks and then took the tour.  When the guide asked a question about the difference between carriage wheels, Zach spoke up and answered correctly.

We went to Coolidge’s birthplace and then to the house where he grew up; also the house where he was when Harding died and Coolidge learned he would be president.

The grounds were beautiful, Kris got some good pictures.  Ella even looked at the camera.  Once.



We left around 3 to go meet Joe and Rachael at a lake for a barbecue.  The lake was beautiful.  We splashed in the water.  Rachel grilled vegetables and burgers.


We sat to eat an outstanding meal, splashed a little more in the lake, and went back to their house for the evening.

The kids played together as Joe baked cookies and I drank coffee.

In the morning, we went for a hike through the Vermont forest.


We said goodbye, and drove back north.

We stopped at the Chester Arthur State Historic Site on the way home.  It was small with a retired history teacher docent who told us about Arthur’s life and the first birther conspiracy (was Arthur born in Canada?).


We got some greasy, cheesy, wonderful US pizza and drove home, ready to move into a hotel four days hence.

Total days on the road this trip: 2




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